MDS.web will be replaced by DataCross in October 2017

Simple and intelligent - material data communications today

MDS.web is a web-based application for transmitting material data, information regarding regulated materials, and safety data sheets in order to fulfill and legally implement customer specifications and material-relevant laws such as REACH, RoHS, etc.

Easy to use - Even suitable for inexperienced users (training required: 1.5 hours)

Intelligent system due to integrated logic, archiving systems and evaluation options.

Intelligent communications strategy: The goal is to gradually integrate the supplier into the system while simultaneously eliminating reservations and doubts. The focus is to work with all participants to develop a high-quality body of data, including:

  • The creation of a common understanding of the topic of material compliance
  • Handling the general company-related question of testing the implementation of material requirements
  • Dealing with the first product-specific inquiry for simple components and hazardous parts in partially declared form
  • Managing the inquiry for all components with regard to material-relevant laws and customer specifications

Simple monitoring of results: Useful information at the touch of a button, including:

  • An overview of current communication status
  • Evaluations of incoming answers
  • Display of product status regarding material compliance requirements

MDS.web Software

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