Using MDS.web

There are only a few prerequisites for using MDS.web. First the target specifications need to be defined in the system and stored as an inquiry catalog. MDS.web's default legal modules include REACH (option with MSDS) and the RoHS, but additional customer-specific catalogs can be easily integrated thanks to the modular structure of MDS.web. Supplier and product data relevant to the query are then imported. Excel is the most commonly accepted format for this part of the process. After these two steps are complete you can immediately begin with material data communications.

Nutzung von MDS.web

The MDS.web application runs on a Web server (internally or externally). This guarantees access to the system regardless of location.

A simple and flexible cost model allows for a usage-oriented performance calculation without any major software investments and thus increases the efficiency and flexibility of MDS.web.

Typically a workshop is required to best adapt the tool and the process associated with it to meet customer requirements. The workshop covers not only material compliance processes and material data sheet (MDS) communication and evaluation, but also the integration of existing product data into the software.

MDS.web Software

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