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Professional material data management is indispensable for adhering to current legal and customer-specific requirements. Noncompliance often leads to liability risks, damage to a company's reputation and even criminal prosecution. MDS.web helps you establish the necessary body of material data while reducing the company's overall risks.


  • High level of supplier acceptance (no system costs for suppliers, easy-to-use system)
  • Fast minimization of liability risks
  • Usage-based system costs = low overall costs
  • Reduction of staff costs for supplier communication and development

Implementing MDS.web

  • Simple import of product and supplier master data using an Excel worksheet, for example
  • Courteous contact with suppliers in order to sensitize them to the topic
  • Query regarding the status of material compliance implementation at the supplier using a function-oriented questionnaire
  • Initial material data query
  • Retrieval of safety data sheets as well as company and product certifications
  • Archiving of transmitted data
  • Evaluation of supplier and product data using analysis functions
  • Determination of problem materials
  • Reporting with communications tables in all company areas

Goals of MDS.web

  • To ensure conformity with specifications
  • To minimize risk
  • To run a cost-effective system
  • To dynamically adjust the system to a growing body of requirements

Data Cross - The new Generation of MDS.web  

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