Functionality comes from function.
We are convinced that MDS.web functions!

MDS.web works because of the system's technical features, including the respectful communications approach with suppliers. tec4U is therefore convinced that, as a provider of complete software and service solutions, we contribute greatly to the overall efficiency of the system.

After importing supplier and product data, we contact each supplier independently. All suppliers will initially receive system access. After a first-time login, the supplier is sent a questionnaire regarding the status of their material compliance implementation activities. A downstream logic then enables an automatic check regarding the plausibility of the answers. The user is provided with an estimate of the supplier's potential ability to implement material compliance requirements, which then provides the basis for a risk evaluation.

The supplier is then requested, for hazardous components, to identify the materials that require declarations (e.g. REACH SVHC materials). The time of the inquiry and the number of parts can be selected at will here. The supplier has the opportunity to select materials that require declaration from a specified list. The user-friendly implementation of MDS.web guarantees minimal processing effort and thus a high level of system acceptance.

MDS.web-AnwendungThe manufacturer then receives the entered information immediately and can depict it clearly in an evaluation with efficient analysis functions.

The system takes into consideration the mutual relationship in the supply chain so that a manufacturer can also be a supplier at the same time. Thanks to its great adaptability, MDS.web ensures a "soft" incorporation into complex and sensitive processes without disturbing workflows. This guarantees long-term satisfaction for both manufacturer and supplier as well as product material compliance.

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